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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service Special Sports Amstelveen

Article 1: Membership Fees and Payment

1.1 Payment for the membership of Special Sports Amstelveen is due in advance and is made via direct debit.

1.2 In the event of a payment delay of four weeks, access to the activities of Special Sports will be suspended until the full payment has been made.

1.3 If a member is in default of payment obligations after eight weeks, the claim will be transferred to a collection agency. All additional costs, including statutory interest on the overdue membership fee, are for the account of the member or their legal representative if the member is a minor.

Article 2: Fulfillment of Payment Obligations

2.1 Special Sports reserves the right to terminate the membership in the event of non-payment, in accordance with the set conditions.

2.2 In the case of termination due to non-fulfillment of payment obligations, the member is immediately denied access to the facilities.

Article 3: Membership Duration and Obligations

3.1 At the start of the membership, the member commits to the full duration of the membership and the associated payment obligations.

3.2 The membership fee is also due if the member temporarily cannot use the facilities of Special Sports, regardless of the reason for absence.

Article 4: Effort Obligation Special Sports

4.1 Special Sports commits to providing a diverse and complete range of sports activities, both on-site and online.

Article 5: Suspension of Payment Obligation

5.1 Suspension of the payment obligation is only possible based on a written agreement by the management of Special Sports or by presenting a valid medical certificate.

5.2 In case of medical absence, the membership period is extended by the duration of the absence.

Article 6: Age Restrictions Membership 

6.1 Persons under the age of 18 cannot enter into an independent membership with Special Sports. Memberships are only available to those aged 18 and over. 

6.2 For persons under the age of 18, memberships can only be obtained in conjunction with a membership from a parent or legal guardian, who will act as the official contracting party. The parent or guardian is responsible for all activities and obligations of the minor member. 

Article 7: Duration and Termination of Membership

7.1 After the agreed duration expires, the membership is automatically continued for an indefinite period. Termination is then possible with a notice period of four weeks.

7.2 Termination must be done with respect to the four-week notice period before the end of the agreed duration. If termination is not timely, the membership will be terminated in accordance with the notice period.

7.3 In case of relocation to a location more than 50 km away from the residential address, termination of the membership is possible upon presentation of a relocation certificate, observing the standard notice period of four weeks.

7.4 In case of early termination of a 2-year membership, any benefits compared to the 1-year membership, as well as unpaid registration fees, will still be charged.

7.5 Termination of the membership must be done digitally via or, if the registration took place online, via the cancellation form on the Special Sports website.

7.6 Vacation, stay or education abroad do not constitute valid reasons for termination of the membership before the end of the agreed term.

Article 8: Digital Entrance Band

8.1 Upon registration, each member receives a digital entrance band from Special Sports, which remains the property of the member.

8.2 The entrance band must be shown upon access to the facilities of Special Sports, including any outdoor activities. Access may be denied without an entrance band, unless identification can be proven through personal data.

8.3 In case of repeated negligence in showing the entrance band, Special Sports reserves the right to deny access.

8.4 In case of loss or damage to the entrance band, the member must purchase a new one at a fee of €10.

8.5 Members can load a monetary amount onto the entrance band, to be used for purchases within Special Sports. This credit can only be topped up via debit card payment. Refund of the remaining credit upon termination of the membership is not possible.

Article 9: Locker Rental

9.1 The rental period of a locker starts on the date of rental and ends on the agreed expiry date.

9.2 The costs for renting a locker are determined in advance. Payment must be made timely and in accordance with the set conditions.

Article 10: Deposit

10.1 A deposit may be required when renting a locker. This deposit will be returned at the end of the rental agreement, provided the locker is left in good condition.

Article 11: Use of the Locker

11.1 Lockers are intended for storing personal belongings. The storage of dangerous, illegal, or perishable goods is prohibited.

11.2 The management reserves the right to inspect lockers if there is suspicion of violation of the conditions.

Article 12: Maintenance and Liability

12.1 Renters are responsible for the maintenance of the rented locker and must report any damage immediately to Special Sports.

12.2 Special Sports accepts no liability for loss, theft, or damage to properties stored in the lockers.

Article 13: Termination of the Rental Agreement

13.1 Upon termination of the rental agreement, the locker must be returned clean and empty on the agreed expiry date.

13.2 In case of violation of the rental conditions, Special Sports has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect.

Article 14: Changes to the Terms and Conditions

14.1 Special Sports reserves the right to amend these general terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be communicated to the members in advance.

Article 15: Medical Freeze

15.1 In the event that sports activities are temporarily impossible due to medical conditions, Special Sports offers the possibility to freeze the membership.

15.2 The freeze of the membership can be requested for a minimum of 2 periods (8 weeks) up to a maximum of 10 periods (40 weeks). This period(s) will be added to the original membership duration.

15.3 A valid medical certificate is required for the freeze of the membership on medical grounds.

Article 16: Indexation

16.1 Special Sports reserves the right to adjust the membership fees in the interim as a result of economic developments, including but not limited to adjustments in sales tax, increases in operating costs, and annual price indexations.

16.2 Members will always be informed in advance about such adjustments in the membership fees.

16.3 Increases in the membership fee based on the CBS price index or directly resulting from legislation by the national government, such as a VAT increase, do not give the right to terminate the membership.

Article 17: Address Changes

17.1 Members are obliged to immediately and on their own initiative notify Special Sports of any changes in their personal information, including address, email address, telephone number, and bank account number.

17.2 In case of failure to report these changes, correspondences sent to the last known address of the member according to Art. 3:37 paragraph 3 of the Civil Code are considered legally delivered, regardless of the actual receipt by the member.

Article 18: Mobile Phone

18.1 Members are allowed to carry a mobile phone in the gym solely for the use of music during sports activities.

18.2 Making phone calls is not allowed in the fitness area, studios, wellness area, and changing rooms to ensure the peace and privacy of all members.

Article 19: Prohibited Substances

19.1 The use of or being under the influence of alcohol and stimulants within the facilities of Special Sports or during activities organized by Special Sports is strictly prohibited.

19.2 Violation of this rule will inevitably lead to immediate removal from the club and termination of the membership, without the right to a refund of any prepaid subscription fees.

Article 20: (Group) Classes

20.1 Providing (group) classes, including personal training, within Special Sports is exclusively reserved for personnel qualified and appointed by Special Sports. Members and external parties are not allowed to offer classes or training within the club without explicit permission.

Article 21: Opening Hours

21.1 The regular opening hours of Special Sports are set by the club and may vary. Members will be informed in time about any changes.

21.2 During official holidays and specific seasonal periods, such as the summer period and Christmas holidays, adjusted opening hours and (group class) schedules may apply. Members will be informed about this.

21.3 Temporary adjustments to the range of activities or opening hours do not lead to termination of the membership or to reduction or refund of the paid subscription fees.

Article 22: Compliance with the House Rules

22.1 Members must comply with the instructions and the House Rules as established and communicated by the management of Special Sports. Members agree to adhere to these rules at all times.

22.2 The rules and instructions particularly relate to hygiene, order, and safety within the club, to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all members and staff.

22.3 Non-compliance with the House Rules or failure to follow instructions may lead to denial of access to the club or to immediate termination of the membership, without exemption from the payment obligation for the remaining term of the membership.

Article 23: Own Risk

23.1 Members participate in sports activities and use the facilities of Special Sports entirely at their own risk. Members are themselves responsible for any damage, injury, or loss of property resulting from their activities within the club.

23.2 Members are liable for any damage they cause to the property of the club, other members, or third parties within the facilities of Special Sports.

23.3 The member acknowledges the inherent risks of physical activity and sports practice and takes responsibility for any consequential damage resulting therefrom.

23.4 The use of shower rooms and saunas is at the member’s own risk. Members should take appropriate precautions, such as wearing slippers, to prevent personal injury.

23.5 Special Sports is not liable for loss or theft of personal property of members within the club. Members are advised not to leave valuable items unattended.

Article 23: House Rules 


  • Rules apply in and around the Club. These can be found on our website. By entering the club, you agree to these rules. 
  • The management reserves the right to refuse access and terminate a membership without stating reasons. 
  • Upon entry, you must always report to the reception for a validity check of your entrance band. Access is not possible without your entrance band. 
  • Carrying (sports) bags into the sports areas is not allowed. 
  • Leaving belongings in the clothing lockers is not allowed. In case of possession of a private locker, Special Sports reserves the right to open it. 
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited. The Club is completely smoke-free. 
  • Consuming meals and/or drinks brought from home in the restaurant is not allowed. Water is available throughout the club and is highly recommended. 
  • In the training areas, drinking is only allowed from a sealable bottle. 
  • Lost items are stored for 31 days in the designated bins. Afterwards, these are donated to a charity. 
  • Using the Club is entirely at your own risk. 
  • The management is not liable for theft, loss, or accidents in and around the Club. 
  • In cases where this regulation does not provide, the management will decide

Opening Hours: 

  • See the website for current opening hours. 
  • Opening hours are subject to change. Different opening hours may apply on public holidays. 

Fitness Room and Studios: 

  • Wearing clean sports attire, non-marking clean (indoor) sports shoes, and using a clean towel are mandatory. Slippers are not allowed, except in the yoga/pilates studio. 
  • It is mandatory to use a towel on the equipment for hygienic reasons. 
  • Weights and materials must be put back in their place after use. Avoid unnecessary noise and consider other members. 
  • Making phone calls in the sports areas is not allowed. For phone calls, please go to the corridor or the restaurant. 
  • Taking pictures or videos that infringe on the privacy of others is not allowed. 
  • Do not unnecessarily occupy equipment for a long time and do not use multiple devices at the same time. 
  • The fitness room is accessible from the age of 16 unless a guided lesson is given. 
  • Equipment must be cleaned after use with the cleaning agents provided by Special Sports. 
  • The air conditioning is operated exclusively by staff. 
  • Stick to the class times and be aware that a class may be cancelled. 
  • After use, Cycling bikes need to be cleaned and set up for the next user. 

Saunas and Showers: 

  • Wearing slippers is recommended. 
  • Consumptions are not allowed in the pool and wellness area. 
  • Showering and drying off is mandatory before using the saunas and after using the toilet. 
  • Drying off after using the sauna and showers is mandatory before entering the toilet and changing rooms. 
  • In the saunas and relaxation room, one must sit or lie on a towel with the entire body. 
  • Misuse of the wellness area leads to immediate termination of the membership. 
  • Hair removal methods, scrubbing, hair dyeing, and nail clipping are not allowed. 
  • Drying towels or clothes in the sauna is prohibited. 
  • During certain times from Monday to Saturday, there will be children’s swimming lessons with always one lane available for lane swimmers. 


  • Access to the wellness area is allowed from 16 years old. 
  • Showering is mandatory before using the pool and after using the toilet. 


  • You must personally bring and pick up your child and have both your name and your child’s name registered. 
  • Bring your child to the crèche clean and provide your own diapers and wipes. 
  • Label your child’s bag with a name. 
  • Pick up your child on time and reserve for a maximum of 2 hours via the Mywellness app. 
  • Do not bring sick children to the crèche. Special Sports is not liable for injuries, childhood diseases, or loss of property. 

Parking Area: 

  • Bicycles must be placed exclusively in the bicycle shed and cars in the parking spaces. Follow the indicated direction of traffic and do not block passages.   


  • Use a locker for your belongings, which operates with the same entrance band with which you visit the club. 
  • For everyone’s safety and health, it is advisable to follow the instructions and advice of the staff. 
  • New members should report to an instructor and schedule an intake at the reception. 
  • If you have health problems and/or injuries, it is advisable to inform the instructor. 
  • In case of doubt about participating in an activity or performing an exercise, seek advice from the instructor.